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Festa dell'amicizia

This event takes place every year on the first Sunday in September on the “Dreiländer peak” Mount Forno, the famous meeting point of the three populations. It is a multicultural friendship feast of three cultural groups in a joyful atmosphere of music, folklore, wine tasting and gastronomy. This feature makes it such a unique event: a meeting of various peoples surrounded by a unique natural scenery in a pristine friendship atmosphere. A feeling which only mountains can inspire ...  
You can reach the site from Italy, partially driving along the signposted forestry road starting from Fusine. On the last stretch you must walk up to the peak (about 45 minutes). Coming from Austria: take the chairlift in the small town of Seltschach in the Municipality of Arnoldstein.



Advent period

Traditional New Year's Torch Parade from the Mount Lussari

The absolute highlight of the New-Years celebrations in the Tarvisio Region is the traditional “Fiaccolata del Monte...

Baite aperte

The third weekend in August

Festa a Valbruna

First weekend August

La Maja

At the beginning of may