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Enjoy a fantastic holiday with great culinary experiences

Restaurant "La baita dei sapori"

Enjoy a fantastic holiday with great culinary experiences

The restaurant “La Baita dei Sapori” is no doubt one of the most characteristic and popular restaurants of the Tarvisio Region. 
The atmosphere is warm and pleasant and the ambience a very successful combination of spaces, for example cosy Stuben with coverings made of original old wooden components, a typical hand-made wall stove, nice dining rooms and a large attic dining room. 
The restaurant “La Baita dei Sapori” provides a friendly and warm professional service. You can choose between traditional local specialities – such as Polenta e frico, Cjalcons (delicious filled noodles with herb sauce) and the strengthening mushrooms-, pearl barley- and bean sups in different regional variations – along with dishes from the Italian cuisine.
The restaurant is run as a family enterprise from the couple Lidia and Virgilio. Our resort guests have the possibility of getting the restaurant services and can have breakfast and half lodge meals on request.
By making your reservation well in time you can also enjoy delicious fish menus at the “Baita dei Sapori”.


La Baita dei Sapori 
Via Saisera S.N., Loc. Valbruna, 33010 Malborghetto-Valbruna (UD)
Phone 0428 -660493
Rest day on Wednesday