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Closer to the sky


Closer to the sky

“I have seen innumerable mountains – but none is as enchanting as the Julian Alps. My adolescent dreams made these peaks the home of my soul”  Julius Kugy 

The ascent possibilities in the Julian Alps are very varied.

Although they have a quite low altitude, these are very wild mountains with quite extreme features: just this aspects makes them so fascinating. Very bold climbing and free climbing routes have been opened on these peaks: they are some of the most demanding on the Alps. There are also many equipped climbing routes where skilled mountaineers can experience exciting adventures and quite easy climbing routes also.

In the Italian Alpine Association CAI Guide by Gino Buscaini you can find the whole list of Julian Alps climbing routes.  

These are some of the less demanding routes:  

  • Jôf di Sompdogna,
  • Cima di terra rossa peak
  • Jôf di Montasio peak
  • Jôf Fuart peak
  • Grande Nabois peak
  • Jôf di Miezegnot peak
  • Mount Re 
  • Muongt Mangart
  • Cima Cacciatore peak
  • Mount Canin 


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