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Borderless hiking fun

Excursions and Nordic Walking

Borderless hiking fun

You will just be amazed by the abundance of leisure opportunities of the Tarvisio area. The exciting Trekking in the Julian and Carnic Alps for example will just enthusiasm you! 

The area offers countless hiking opportunities in the valley bottom, leading to the meadows and pastures of the proud and soft Carnic Alps and the Julian Alps refuges. They are hiking trails for skilled and less skilled hikers leading to bold peaks. With good climbing shoes, a backpack and a couple of Nordic walking sticks all tastes and wishes are met!  You will surely remember this authentic joy for a long time to come ... 

These are some of the less demanding routes:  

  • Lakes of Fusine valley
  • Saisera valley
  • Bartolo valley
  • Sanctuary of the Holy Mount of Lussari 
  • Refuge Rifugio Zacchi
  • Refuge Rifugio Pellarini
  • Refuge Rifugio Brazzà
  • Refuge Rifugio Grego
  • Mount Nebria
  • Zita Chapel
  • Pastures Malga Priu and Malga Mezesnik
  • Vacations on the farm “Agriturismo Gacceman”
  • Refuge Rifugio Nordio
  • Refuge Rifugio Gilberti
  • Mount Cocco
  • Sella Bistrizza, Mount Ojsternig and Achomitz pasture
  • Cima Bella 
  • Ravine Orrido dello Slizza



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