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Mountain Bike

Mountain biking allows us to discover remote places very far away from the standard traffic routes, combining love for nature an sport. The Tarvisio Region and the Valcanale have a whole number of very suitable cycle trails offering the possibility to discover enchanting landscape views. For example the Valley of Ugovizza, the Bartolo Valley, the town of Camporosso, the Rio Freddo valley and the lakes of Fusine).

These are some of the most classical routes: 

  • Round tour of the Saisera valley
  • Bartolo Valley
  • Ugovizza pasture 
  • Rauna valley – Meseznig pasture
  • Refuge Rifugio Nordio
  • Achomitz peak 
  • Mount Goriane
  • Mount Forno
  • Sanctuary of the Holy Mount Lussari  
  • Refuge Rifugio Zacchi
  • Rio Freddo valley


Ufficio Turistico - Tarvisio Tourismusbüro
Main office: Via Roma 14, 33018 Tarvisio (UD)
Tel. +39 0428 2135
Fax +39 0428 2972 



Advent period

Traditional New Year's Torch Parade from the Mount Lussari

The absolute highlight of the New-Years celebrations in the Tarvisio Region is the traditional “Fiaccolata del Monte...

Festa dell'amicizia

This event takes place every year on the first Sunday in September on the “Dreiländer peak” Mount Forno, the...

Baite aperte

The third weekend in August

Festa a Valbruna

First weekend August

La Maja

At the beginning of may