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On the trails of the First World War

The rhythm of history

Nature and the mountains express themselves in a continuous interaction, disclosing themselves always in the same way but yet differently, giving us memories of a not-too-distant past, when people reciprocally fought against each other. 

There are innumerable old settings of the First World War in our mountains and they can all be discovered during hiking tours and excursions . The guide “Sulle tracce della Prima Guerra Mondiale” by Davide Tonazzi, book author with a passion for military history, gives you very valuable thematic proposals. A very praiseworthy and interesting  First World War evidence site is the “War Thematic Park” in the Saisera Valley, reachable in a few minutes car drive  from your resort. 

There are a lot of old bunkers from the First World War in our area, all quite hidden und disguised. Some of them are situated right next to our resort, for example the so-called “Opera 3” and “Opera 4”. Particularly the latter - also called “Forte Beisner” – is a very interesting site. It is still in very good conditions and was built during fascism. Even the Italian armed forces utilised it from the Second World War on until recently, in 1992. It comprehends long gallery corridors and numerous rooms built for about 1000 meters deep inside Mount Kugeln – by the way this mountain is situated just right behind our chalets.

Thanks to the engagement of some volunteers who wish to recover old war ruins, these sites can now be visited. 


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