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Valbruna: just imagine a pristine town, located very far away from noise and hectic rush ... In a magic “deep North” breathtaking scenery embedded in a soft meadows, steep peaks and crests ... 

Julius Kugy, poet of the mountains and passionate Alps lover described Valbruna with these words: “This town is so cheerful and friendly, so naturally harmonically integrated into its environment that, as soon as you catch sight of it, you spontaneously tell to yourself:  “This is a dream place!”. 

The small and pretty town of Valbruna fascinates particularly for its innate mountain town vocation, with its houses lined-up along the main street and dominated by the mighty Julian Alps peaks.  

Thanks to its mountain scenery, the wonderful plain of Valbruna – extending just in front of our chalets – and the Saisera valley, Valbruna will remain an unforgettable memory for its beauty and pristine authenticity. 

On the first Sunday in August the whole tow joyfully celebrates the “Festa a Valbruna”: the main street gets animated with many market stands where you can buy handicrafts products and enjoy gastronomic delicacies.