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Enjoy the pristine experience of living in an Alpine lodge

Enjoy the pristine experience of living in an Alpine lodge

Old Alpine huts located at high altitudes, where once farmers and villagers used to live in the summer for their pasture and dairy activities. A place to rest at sundown after a hard day of work on the fields and on the wood, finally sitting by the crackling fire of the fireplace and enjoying their meals cooked with the products of their fields ... 

Out resort arouse from a dream … To give you the opportunity of enjoying the pristine atmosphere of an original Alpine hut without having to waive usual comforts - in a sort of “bridge” between past and future, tradition und modernity.
These are just the basic principles of our chalets ...
They are entirely made of massive wood,  a truly masterpiece of skilful local craftsmen, catching hold to ancient architectural styles by using environment-friendly materials. Furniture and attention to detail reflect our simple attitude to life and our wish to let you enjoy our hospitality.  

Boris and Sabina

The chalets

The nest

A small jewel: warm and cosy, where you just feel free. We conceived the “Nest” as a romantic chalet for two, for a couple wishing to re-discover its intimacy. The ideal domicile for your romantic holiday in a mountain lodge!

Old times living

This is the most characteristic chalet of our resort, the one which evocates the most “fragrances of the past”, old time memories and old farmers way of living. The ideal chalet for your family holidays.

Joy for life

This chalet is conceived in a modern style: wide living space, comfortable living sensation and a lot of attention for detail are the distinguishing features of this wellness and relaxation oasis.

Chalet Rauna

Warm and cosy, in the middle of nature: here you can experience the magic of the forest silence. Your authentic pasture Alpine chalet! 

The Chalet Rauna is the most recent house of the resort: it is located at an altitude of 1100 meters on the Rauna pasture, where farmers usually live in summer in their Alpine huts for their pasture and dairy activities 
It is the ideal “refuge” away from the hectic pace of the everyday’s stress – a magnificent holiday domicile ...