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Cross country runs


Valbruna is a true paradise for cross-country skiers for the beauty of the trucks and the fascinating scenery. The three runs are partially connected to each other (currently the connection between the Valbruna plain and the lower Saisera valley is interrupted) and to the runs of Camporosso through the bike path. The whole route is 30 km long.



General Data:

Height: 931 - 1036 meters
Length: 7,5 / 12 km
Difficulty level: middle
You can reach the upper Saisera Valley from your chalet taking the road to the valley up to the inn “Locanda Jof di Montasio”, where the run begins.



General Data:

Height: 843 - 931 meters
Length: 7,5 Km
Difficulty level: middle
You reach this run taking the road which leads to the valley. Just follow it up to the old Austrian-Hungarian war cemetery where the run begins.



General Data:

Height: 782 - 803 meters
Length: 4 Km
Difficulty level: easy
You can reach the run on the Valbruna plain in front of your chalet: jus clip on your cross country skis and go!


The plain of Camporosso is – just like in Valbruna – an ideal area in order to get familiar with cross country skiing. The track is located in a sunny position, does not have remarkable height differences and is suitable also for beginners.

In Camporosso you will find the “Scuola Sci Fondo & Telemark Camporosso” just close to the ski school and a further small net of practise cross country trails.



General Data:

Height: 796 - 811 meters
Length: 4 Km
Difficulty level: easy
This trail is reachable in a few minutes ride taking the main road in the direction of Tarvisio. In Camporosso you can park by the Hotel Spartiacque, which is located just at the beginning of the town – the cross country starts just here.



General Data:

Height: 780 meters
Length: 4 Km
Difficulty level: easy
You can reach the run on the Piana dell’Angelo through the main road of Tarvisio. The runs net is located to the right in close proximity of the Snow Parks and the cross country ski school “Scuola Sci Fondo Camporosso”.


Tarvisio offers a competitive cross country track equipped with a automated snowmaking system. It is called by the native Olympic champion Gabriella Paruzzi. It runs on a sunny location and is ideal for skilled skiers and beginners.



General Data:

Height: 780 meters
Length: 10 km
Difficulty level: 5 Km - easy
Difficulty level: 5 km = difficult / 2,5 km = easy
Cross country run with FISI admission
Programmed automated snowmaking system
The Arena Paruzzi is reachable through the main road in the direction of Tarvisio; at the Esso petrol station turn right and follow the signage to the tracks and the golf course.


Through cross country skiing you have the opportunity to ride across the Slovenian border and enjoy the local 40 km track net running up to Kranjska Gora along the river Sava Dolinka and the ski jumping hill of Planica. A quite demanding section is the part which goes from Ratece (the first town after the frontier) up to Tamar (260 m difference in height).




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